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About Shannon

Shannon is a Chow/American Eskimo mix.  She is a softie; a combination of elegance, beauty, grace, spunk, and enthusiasm, but most of all, she is pure love.  She may only be 25 pounds (all the fluff makes her look bigger) but she is the largest personality in the room.  When she wags her gorgeous fan of a tail, and flashes her big, beautiful smile, you know all is right with the world.  She is a lovely reminder that the present moment is a gift to be enjoyed.

About Patrice

Shannon the Magic Carpet Dog is Patrice's debut as an author of children's books.  The seed was planted when Shannon was just a pup, being adored by everyone  that crossed her path.  And of course, lying with her legs flat out behind her on her little bearskin rug, her beautiful large ears in full upright position, she looks like she is ready to take off for parts unknown.  The book was just begging to be born.  


Patrice is an artist and an arts columnist.  She has been writing for 25+ years about food, hospitality, service, culture, politics and more, but this is her first endeavor to combine all three passions:  art, writing, and her beautiful & magical dog Shannon. Learn more about Patrice and her art:

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